Expandable Garden Hose
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Expandable Garden Hose



Expandable Hose expands and contracts up to 3X its total length.  This is the most convenient, lightweight, portable hose you can buy!



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Are expandable garden hoses worth it?

The short answer is yes!  Expandable hoses have been around for a few years now.  What are the advantages of owning an expandable hose over a traditional regular garden hose?  Quite a few:

  • They are extremely lightweight.  These hoses weigh almost nothing.  A regular garden hose can weigh up to 20 pounds!  Flexible hoses are made of latex and weigh as little as 2 lbs!
  • They expand up to 3X their length.  A double layer of latex and a flexible outer covering allow this hose to stretch up to 3 times its length.  A 50-foot hose can shrink down to only 15 feet!
  • They don’t kink or twist.  Anyone who has ever used a hose knows how annoying this can be.  Hoses that kink can form cracks and leaks and make an expensive hose worthless.
  • They are cheaper than rubber hoses.  Even a cheap rubber hose will cost you $50-75 dollars.  Expandable hoses are less weight, more portable, easier to use and store, AND cheaper.  

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5 Star Rated!  Real customer reviews.

“This hose is  so light and easy to handle compared to vinyl or rubber hoses. The collapsible hoses do not kink and coiling and storage is the best. My 50′ hoses shrink to about 15′ feet!”

“Was a landscaper for years as a young man and made fun of these when they came out. Not making fun of them anymore… LOVE EM! I will never buy a traditional hose again.”

“I cannot stand a hose to kink up and this one does not. It expands as the water is turned on and shrinks once I let the water out.”

“This is a terrific product. I own two of these and I love them.  This hose is very light and easy to remove from the hose rack.  The price of this product is very reasonable, also. I highly recommend this product.”




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