Green Bags As Seen on TV

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Keep produce fresher, longer with new Green Bags!  Keep fruits and vegetables fresh for up to 30 days and reduce up to 50% vitamin loss.  Stop wasting money by throwing out produce that decays before you can consume it.  With the Green Bags, you never have to throw out your produce again! Each order comes with 20 re-usable green bags and 20 bag ties.

How do green bags work?

Fruits and vegetables ripen more quickly in an enclosed space do to the production of entrapped ethylene gas.  Green bags are made from a special material that allows ethylene gas to escape keeping your produce fresher for a much longer period of time.   Simply bag your produce separately and seal it off with the enclosed twist ties.

And of course the best part about green bags is that they are re-usable up to 20 times each!  Just wash them clean and the are ready to go.

Check out this photo of strawberries left in the refrigerator after just 9 days!



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