Natural Jade Face Roller
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Natural Jade Face Roller



Jade Face Rollers are an ancient Chinese treatment with anti-aging and detox benefits.  Apply gentle pressure and the jade roller increase circulation in the face while massaging and relaxing facial muscles, encouraging lymphatic drainage and drawing away toxins.  Facial massage is also an incredibly effective stress reliever.  Try it today!

Improves blood flow and circulation, rejuvenating skin tone, and promoting lymphatic drainage making
your face appear smoother, healthier, and younger looking. Made from 100% real jade.

Reduces stress
Helps with sinuses
Decrease puffiness
Contours your face
Flushes toxins
Works great with moisturizer

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Watch the video to see how jade face rolling works to remove wrinkles and reverse aging…


Check out these before and after shots from real jade roller users!

Enjoy the benefits of ancient anti-aging secrets!


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Weight 70.00 kg
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 30 cm
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