LED Lighted Reading Glasses

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Now you can get your favorite reading glasses that even let you see in the dark!  LED Lighted Readers work as normal reading glasses but with a built-in, battery powered light that makes it  easy to see in low light conditions.  Perfect for reading in bed, doing crosswords, seeing menus in dimly lit restaurants and more! Available in black with 160X magnification!

  • Impact Resistant Frame with UV Scratch Resistant Lenses
  • 2 x Built In Ultra Bright LED Lights
  • Fully rechargeable, lifetime battery included with USB charging cable
  • High Quality Reading Glass Lenses
  • Reduces Eyestrain
  • Fits Over Existing Glasses

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9 reviews for LED Lighted Reading Glasses

  1. Stanely M.

    I thought thinoptics were good but this is a clever idea. The bulb seems quite bright and the battery has lasted a couple months so far. I read with them mostly at night.

  2. Eunice P.

    Saw the add for Mighty Sight but these looked better. More like regular glasses. I got 2 pairs since they were on sale. Still waiting but they sure do look good.

  3. Stephen A.

    Fantastic product. 5 stars. Wish they had thought of this sooner.

  4. Roger E.

    I use these to read at night. I don’t have to turn on the lights and wake my wife. Perfect.

  5. Ace T.

    I used them in a restaurant and people were staring at me like I was James Bond. Hah! They were just jealous. My favorite pair of readers so far.

  6. Leslie B.

    You usually don’t see reading glasses in the store this high powered. The battery powered light is really handy.

  7. David G.

    Just ordered two pairs. Let’s see how they do. I have high hopes. The reviews make them sound pretty good.

  8. Earl N.

    Amazing glasses! I am 65 and I can literally see in the dark. I got 3 pairs in case they break. So far so good.

  9. johnniecollins

    everything look good

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