Magnetic Mesh Screen Door
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Magnetic Mesh Screen Door



Magnetic mesh hands-free retractable screen door let’s you keep bugs out while allowing children and pets to come and go with ease!  Enjoy a cool gentle breeze without worrying about letting bugs inside.  Works great on any door!

Fits all standard single doors 36″ wide

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Retractable self-closing screen door.  How does it work?

The magnetic mesh screen door uses self-locking magnets to automatically close the screen behind you each and every time you walk through it.  Works perfect for pets and children!  Hands-free means you can walk into the screen and it automatically opens and closes securely as you pass through it.  Simply install the screen using the included adhesive strips to secure your door in place and that’s it… you’re done!

Made from durable polyester fiber and real interlocking magnets.  Easy to install and remove.  Protects against mosquitos, moths, flies, and other flying insects.  Perfect for those lazy summer days, bar-b-que’s, family gatherings, and more!

5 Star Rated!  Real customer reviews.

“Bought it 8 months ago. Easy to install easy to use. I reinforced the top with the provided tacks, plus 4 staples just in case. So far so good, still in place.”

“Love this for the kids to go in and out without all the bugs coming in.”

“Easy to install. Magnets close immediately.”

“I got this mesh screen door because I was so tired of opening my back door for my two dogs.  Five bright shiny stars.  10/10.  Would recommend.”





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