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Pest Reject uses ultrasonic waves to annoy pests which causes them to flee from the device and your home.  Each Pest Reject unit can protect up to 1200 square feet of your home permanently for as low as $14.99 per room.

Start protecting your home today.



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Pest Reject uses ultrasonic sound waves to get rid of Spiders, Mosquitoes, Ants, Flies, Mice, and Cockroaches without harmful chemicals and without killing them. Simply plug it in and within days you will see a drastic decrease in pests in your home. 100% safe for your home and family. Try Pest Reject today!

Get one for every room of your home and be 100% pest protected.

Pest control is a $7 billion dollar industry that relies on expensive chemicals that can be harmful to you and your family and fail to treat the underlying cause of pests.  This leads to more expensive treatments that cost YOU more money.  Ultrasonic pest repellers are cost-effective and provide a permanent solution that doesn’t harm you or your environment.  Start protecting your home today.

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4 reviews for Pest Reject

  1. Chester

    Wow these things really work. I set out a bug strip in my basement and it was full of creepy crawlies the next day. I had two of these things running for a week then set out another strip and guess what? No more bugs.

  2. Michael

    I have used this product before it they seem to work well if you have one in each room. Buying 1 for your house is definitely not enough.

  3. Jennifer G.

    Ordered a set of 4 but one didn’t seem to turn on. The light was not on. I am working with customer service to get it replaced. Not sure if the others work or not. Will post again when I get my replacement.

  4. Earl B.

    Ok guys here is the truth about these pest repellers. I get best results, they are for indoor use (not outdoor) , they work best in confined areas, so you need multiple repellers for larger spaces. They also take time to work. Days, not just minutes or hours. Also, you cant have obvious attractants like food and light because that gives the bugs a reason to stay.

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