Socket Shelf As Seen on TV

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$50.00 $29.95

The new amazing socket shelf provides 6 outlets, 2 USB ports, and a surge protector with a shelf to store your electronics or other items!  Perfect for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or garage where you need that extra power and storage space.  It replaces your existing light socket and gives your tons more space and power options!

Features and Benefits:


  • 8″ shelf gives TONS of extra storage space where you need it most
  • 2 x handy USB ports for recharging smartphones and tablets
  • 6 x outlets to power multiple devices
  • Surge protection.  Now your electronics are protected better than ever before
  • Best of all it is easy to install.  Just plug it in and go!





3 reviews for Socket Shelf As Seen on TV

  1. Natalia P.

    The socket shelf is fantastic as a bedside charging station. Nothing is worse than having to charge your phone from another room while you sleep because all your outlets are taken. Power strips lay on the floor and always get in the way. This lets me charge everything right in my bedroom without taking up extra space. Perfect.

  2. Kimberly H.

    A top shelf item for sure. Its basically a surge protector that takes up almost ZERO space because it sits on top of your existing outlet. This product is a benefit to everyone. It should be used to replace every outlet in your home.

  3. Richardo M.

    Excellent product. I use a couple of these in the garage and they really help to keep things organized without taking up too much space.

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