Tablet Pillow

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The Tablet Pillow is the perfect new tablet stand so you can use your favorite electronic devices hands-free on your lap or even while laying down. Comes with 3 multiple viewing angles so you can always get the perfect and most comfortable view.

  • Works with ipads, tablets, e-readers, and smartphones




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Black, Blue, Gray, Red

6 reviews for Tablet Pillow

  1. Stephen O.

    Works just fine. It is light and portable and easy to take with you for long car or plane trips. I like the adjustable viewing angles. That was a clever twist.

  2. Rick F.

    This device turns your tablet into a portable computer. But its much lighter and doesn’t get hot on your lap like a laptop. I love it.

  3. Denise Paulson

    Perfect for using while in bed. And yes for some reason my cat does love it lol.

  4. Gretchen

    My ipad has replaced my TV in the bedroom thanks to this handy gadget. Easy to watch TV for hours and doesn’t get hot, is completely hands free and very comfortable.

  5. Alicia H.

    This is the must have accessory for any ipad or tablet owner. I just wish it were a little more portable but it is WAY more comfortable than a stand.

  6. Earl Jackson

    This is a great invention. Laying in bed using a tablet is incredibly uncomfortable at times. I find that I have to use my hands to hold it upright because none of the stands will give me the right viewing angle. I also find myself looking for a way to prop it up in my lap. The pillow pad solves both problems perfectly.

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