Tactical Visor HD

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Inspired by the face shields that actual fighter pilots use, this visor is constructed with light-filtering technology developed by the military to help block out as much glare from the sun as possible and improving visibility to the maximum.  See in perfect HD clarity with more definition than ever before.



6 reviews for Tactical Visor HD

  1. Amos

    This visor is a life savor. This is the second pair I have owned. The first one I used for a year and got a little warped from the sun so I got another. They really do cut down on glare and squinting. Its hard enough for me see clearly at 68, but this visor really seems to help on a sunny day.

  2. Sandra B.

    They seem to work pretty well. Takes some getting used to. I use the day visor all the time and it really seems to help.

  3. Harold

    Its like sunglasses but you don’t have them on your face. Not a bad idea. Not the best for short people though because the visor doesn’t cover that much of the windshield. I guess it really depends on how you sit in your car.

  4. Randy

    Works great. I am a truck driver and I use these visors instead of sunglasses. Really helps with reducing eyestrain and glare from the sun.

  5. Mitch G.

    I got 2 pairs and gave 1 away as a gift. Seems best for long drives. Otherwise I might not use it much.

  6. Steven

    I bought the double offer and had one visor crack but they replaced it. No issues after that

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