Blue Titan Blockers


Stylish frames with 100% blue light blocking lenses made from real titanium metal so they are super lightweight and incredibly sturdy.  These glasses are so light so will forget you are wearing them.  The unisex design is perfect for men, women, seniors and kids.  They fit snug and comfortable on your face.  Comes with a protective hard case and a special filament cleaning cloth.  The frames are gunmetal gray and the lenses appear appear to have a blue tint because they reflect all sources of blue light.  Start protecting your eyes today.

Why do you need to block blue light?

Blue light rays are the harmful light rays emitted from all electronic devices such as computer screens, televisions, tablets, and smartphones.  Continuous and excessive exposure to blue light rays has proven to cause headaches, eyestrain, retina damage, and can disrupt sleep cycles.  This is the reason why so many people that use computers or watch television before bed suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia.  In fact, reducing blue light rays in the evening promotes healthy circadian rhythms and allows your body to produce it’s natural supply of melatonin which aids in sleep.  Are you ready for a good night’s sleep?  Start blocking blue light today!

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